Client Experiences

“The 6P Leadership Platform’s innovative online coaching and self-paced learning activities gently guided me to be honest in digging deeper into the real problems I am experiencing with providing effective leadership to my team and community. I’ve been in the leadership development business for over 20 years, and it’s refreshing to see this unique process to address our challenging times; it helps you identify the problem then carefully craft a plan to solve it.”

Brian, City Manager

“6P's training platform is an absolutely unique and thought-provoking training, unlike any I have participated in before, where I gained valuable insights into what makes successful leadership. 6P offers resources, guidance, and real support to help you in your journey of becoming a better leader. I recommend 6P to anyone who truly desires to improve their leadership.”

Brittani, Human Resource Consultant

“I completed the 6P Leadership Platform based on the book Leadership Wrecked. The platform itself was very intuitive and easy to navigate. I love that you can pick up where you left off. The content itself is very thoughtful and thorough. I like that you don't have to adopt a leadership style to be successful, but rather just build on your own innate style. The leadership principles the platform walks you are so relevant to real life situations management frequently find themselves in that you will find yourself having a number of "aha" moments. The whole leadership approach is so well integrated and systems oriented to ensure that leaders are focused on the most important work while leading in an ethical and principled way. The training definitely leaves you feeling inspired and equipped to be a different sort of leader. We could use more of this style of leadership across all organizations and levels of management.”

Jenny, Senior HR Executive

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Successfully Facing the Common Leadership Challenges of Today

This course helps you explore the 10 most common challenges that leaders face today and how the 6P Leadership Development Platform is designed to help you succeed.

Unboxing The Platform

The dollar value of this platform (priced against the median cost of executive coaching) is approximately $40,000 per person. You will earn support and achieve results at a fraction of that potential cost (over 90% cheaper for cost-effective baseline).

  • A set of 23 core courses that is continually updated and expanded with supplemental off the shelf offerings and additional tools

  • Over 40 hours of available video instruction (it is likely you will achieve performance gains within a fraction of the available offerings)

  • An online workbook that preserves your work, can be downloaded, and accessed by any device type (via web browser)

  • A full-color print of the online workbook will be shipped to your preferred address

  • A copy of the book "Leadership Wrecked" will be shipped to your preferred address

Carefully Designed With YOU In Mind

  • Maximum Gain With Minimal Time

    The 6P Leadership Development Platform is like having a personal leadership coach in your pocket, guiding you through a highly effective and efficient leadership development journey. The coursework is designed to fit in your schedule with streamlined classes anchored to the most direct path to real improvement.

  • Solve High Quality Problems

    The 6P Leadership Development Platform is built on a revolutionary concept: solving a problem worth solving. Forget the "shotgun approach" that bombards you with irrelevant information. This platform is tailored to your unique situation, helping you identify and tackle a high-impact problem that will empower you and benefit your organization in tangible ways.

  • Support by Design

    More than just a program, we're a partner in your leadership transformation. Your online workbook acts as your central hub, keeping track of your achievements, insights, and action plans. It's your personalized roadmap to success, accessible anytime, anywhere. You can include your colleagues as advisors in your program or you can reach out to us for supplemental services.

Why Wait For a Crisis? Get Focused Now!

The 6P Leadership Development Platform will help you solve meaningful problems in ways that build your people and improve the performance of your organization as a whole.